Burning Ma'am Vendor FAQs

    How do I apply to be a vendor at Burning Ma'am?

    How much does it cost to vend at Burning Ma'am?

    • $75 Vending Fee (Includes camping and admission)

    How much space will I get?

    • You will be assigned your own 10 x 10 area

    Will Burning Ma'am provide vending equipment?

    • No. You must provide your own vending equipment.

    What are vending hours?

    • Vending hours will be from 1:00 PM - 10:30 PM

    Will there be electricity on site?

    • No. We do not have electricity on site so you must provide your own light source if you plan on vending after dark.

    Anything else I should know?

    • Burning Ma'am is not responsible for any stolen or damaged property. Please clean up after yourselves. We appreciate YOU!!

    Camping & Parking FAQs

    How much does it cost to camp at Burning Ma'am?

    • $20 Camping Pass (Per Car)

    • Camping includes overnight parking.

    • One camping pass is required per vehicle, not per person.

    • We encourage carpooling!

    Where do I buy a camping pass?

    • Tickets coming soon

    Is there parking? How much does it cost?

    • Day parking is included in your ticket

    • Overnight parking and camping are the same thing.

    • We encourage carpooling

    Can I bring my RV?

    • NO RVS! Tent camping ONLY! (Maybe reaaaallly cool vans must get permission from Araelia)

    What supplies will I need?

    • Bring your own food, beverage, and all other supplies you may need such as sleeping bag, sneakers, drinking water.

    Anything else I need to know?

    • Have fun but please be responsible and pick up after yourself!!

    Stay Tuned for the Burning Ma'am Line Up!

    Stay Tuned for Burning Ma’aM tickets!

    What does volunteering at Burning Ma'aM look like?

    • We need a little help this year! We're looking for volunteers that can do things like directing cars, help vendors/bands load in, check tickets, and help things run smoothly! We'll need volunteers throughout the entire day of Burning Ma'aM starting at 9am.

    • PERKS OF VOLUNTEERING : Free camping, food, beverage, a sick volunteer tshirt, and we'll make sure to work in shifts so you definitely will not be missing the bands you want to see most!

    • Although we're getting bigger we still don't need that many volunteers. We're choosing our volunteers on a first come first serve basis. So apply while you still can and join our Burning Ma'aM crew!!


    What is Burning Ma'aM?

    • Burning Ma'aM was started in 2021 as a small local music festival in Woodward, PA by us, Ma'aM (we're a rock'n'roll band based out of central Pennsylvania)

    • After a successful first year, we expanded our lineup & capacity in 2022. This year we offer an even larger line up, brand new location (still residing in Woodward, PA) and more!!! Stay tuned for more info!!!!!

    ↑ That's Us! Ma'aM


    • No RVs, vans are okay

    • No fires/camp stoves/grills

    • No pets (including dogs)

    • No weapons of any kind

    • No fireworks

    • No harassment or discrimination

    • No refunds

    • Be safe, be smart, be reasonable, don’t drive drunk, don’t be a hater, respect your neighbors and remember karma comes for everyone!

    • This is a CAMPING event - bring water, good shoes, food, sunscreen, camping equipment, and anything else you would need for a normal camping trip. Food vendors will not stay the entire time.

    • Please pack in/pack out all trash and leave no trace.

    • Burning Ma’aM is a BYOB event, please drink responsibly.